Step-by-step : Dollhouse Girl

I have a habit of not sharing any of my work as it is being developed since my early sketches are very loose and dirty and takes a bit of clean-up before I get the desired end result. But I figured I would share my progress step-by-step.

Step 1: Lose Dirty Sketch

I always sketch a new character as a nude and then add on clothing, to get the shape of the body right before draping it with anything. For this I one ended up looking at Playboy centerfolds from the 60s and 70s, to use as reference material. Playgirl/Playboy really is a great use for that.

Next Step: Clean up…

Step 2: Cleaned Up Sketch

Plenty of erasing and redrawing. Some of the perspectives are off, and needed adjusting. And I realized that I might have created a giant girl that is sleeping in a doll bed. But if it make her comfortable, who am I to argue.

step 2 sketch of dollhouse girl in step-by-step process

Next Step: Inking…

Step 3: Simple line inking

Breaking out my Rapidograph technical pens, i know, i little bit of old-school to use refillable pets but i like the ritual around it. Keeping them clean, refilling ink etc.

Straight lines are always the most difficult, I could use a ruler but i feel like that takes away from the ‘hand-drawn’  feel of an illustration.

step 3 sketch of dollhouse girl in step-by-step process

Next step: Inking weights, and shades.

Step 4: Inked weights, Vectorized

After adding some weights to the lines and shades, I scan and vectorize the artwork in illustrator. My husband got a chance to give his option: “You have a problem with feet… (silence)… but it doesn’t matter, all everyone ever care about is the hair. You do great hair.”

He is right, I don’t like drawing feet. And than means I should draw them more often.

step 4 sketch of dollhouse girl in step-by-step process

Next step: Coloring.

Step 5: Basic Color, Vectorized

Finally, have gotten around to continuing this. Work have been really hectic and left me with very little time for anything else.

I have added basic colors in illustrator to the vectored outlines. The illustration looks a little bland and are in serious need of some shading and high-lights.

step 5 sketch of dollhouse girl in step-by-step process

Next step: Shading and High-lights.

Step 6: Brushed Shading and High-lights, Photoshopped

And now the finial result: After exporting the vector artwork to photoshop, wile maintaining layers, I have added shadings and highlights using photoshop custom strokes.

step 6 sketch of dollhouse girl in step-by-step process

Scroll back up for final result.