New Beginnings

In early 2000, while living in London, UK, I was approached by MacUser Magazine to create an illustration. A larger 3-page piece spanning across the index spread, and over to the next. Pretty excited, MacUser was a well know publication with an audience across the world. Sad to say, they ceased publication in 2015. (MacUser on Wikipedia)

Content page illustration for the issue themed ‘New Beginnings’ for MacUser Magazine.

Adobe Illustrator10
Intuos Wacom Tablet

Pop Art

I created this one while teaching myself Illustrator in the 90s. Learning how to think simplistic, working with a few colors. And I have displayed it in one form or another ever since. Used as a “Select your color” on an ‘enter” landing page on my website. 4 different color versions, and when you clicked it witched the CSS file used for the site. It’s possible it got me my first job as a designer in Cincinnati. (Slightly broken version, 2003 on waybackmachin). Shes a keeper.

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