Reading in the Forrest

I created this illustration when asked to do an art show at MOTR Pub, Cincinnati, Ohio.

My husband had a screen printing shop with a few of his friends, Libre Okay. And at the time, they were running production out of our basement. So the obvious choice was to create something that for that medium. Four colors, heavily inspired my idol, Tove Jansson.

Splitting it up into two, to create a shoreline that could be built upon. Libre has since moved and changed the name. One day I hope to have my own back up to continue building upon this.

First screen of my illo prepped and ready to be printer by the @libreokay crew. ...

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3 colors down. Screen printing my illo by the @libreokay crew. ...

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4th color and last screen done on my illo. Screen printing by the @libreokay crew. ...

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Final artwork. Screen printing by the @libreokay crew. ...

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Reading in the Forrest (2011 screen print art)
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